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A creative charity project by Indra Moonen

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Shoot film with a mission and share your view

Back this Project and Choose your Reward

On this page it is possible to make a donation to help with the build of the book. Total cost are estimated at €2000,- for 100 books. 

You can now choose in which way you'd like to be rewarded for your donations. Each option contains a link to our email. Here you can mention whicn reward you're interested in and that, if you choose for example the option which includes The Book, I can put you on a list.

Back this project with €1,- or more
You don't need a reward but want to support the project. Eternal Gratefulness will be yours; THANK YOU! 


Back this project with €100,- or more
You will receive a postcard with one of the images that ends up in the book, covered with our gratitude. On top of that you will receive a free copy of The Book, hardcover, along wth your name mentioned on the dedicated sponsor page in the book and website (when desired). Also, you will get a personalized page in the beginning of the book with the name / logo of you or your company.


Order the book upfront and save money!
You can order your copy starting today for €30,- When the book comes out it will cost €35,- so you save €5,- 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

For companies donating: it's possible receiving an official receipt for your administration. Shoot us an email if you'd like to have one.

Further down this page you can find the means to donate. You can do this using our Project's bank account or by using PayPal.
When using the latter it would be great if you could also cover the PayPal cost so that all of the money goes towards funding this project.

Total Balance

Donated € 1257,40
Spent € 1584,09
Total balance - € 299,69

As it currently looks this project will cost around €15.000,- to fulfill. This is including the cost for making the book. As you can see all the help is more than welcome! And remember..all small things make for one big thing ;-)

Thank you in advance!

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For companies donating: It's possible to get an official receipt of the amount donated as we are an official foundation.

Please contact me for more information.


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