The disposable crisis project

A creative charity project by Indra Moonen

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Translation Piece "Het belang van Limburg"

Posted on June 20, 2013

Bart Lindeman was so kind as to translate the piece about the project published in "Het belang van Limburg" last year. Now everyone will be able to ready it, almost everyone then ;-)

"March 1st, 2012

300 disposable cameras record crisis worldwide

Three hundred disposable cameras will soon be going around the world. Sent from Maastricht (Netherlands) by Indra Moonen (28). The photographer aims to show a first-hand view of the current worldwide economic crisis.

For her 'Disposable Crisis Project', Moonen is sending 300 cameras around the globe -only charging shipping costs at EUR17,10 a piece- and asking the people to take pictures of their 'personal' economic crisis.

"After use, the cameras will hopefully be sent back to Maastricht. It's my goal to publish the results in a book: a visual representation of the crisis, worldwide. There has been much to read on the crisis, but it mostly concerns stock options and skyrocketing bonuses that eventually are being paid either way. This of course has little relevance to the day-to-day lives of the general population. So, what are the real effects of the crisis on people's lives? Thát is what I want to capture", says Moonen.

Using various social media like Facebook and Twitter, and via her personal website, Moonen is asking people if they are willing to participate in the project. "Everybody who receives a camera is meant to take five pictures themselves and then pass the camera on to a somebody else in the neighborhood. When it's full, it has to return here."

76 cameras have already been distributed, from local Riemst to Vancouver, Canada. "I hope this project will show a diverse and complete view of the crisis."

By the middle of 2013 the book on the real faces of the worldwide crisis is expected to be finished.

[Picture] “Photographer Indra Moonen is sending 300 disposable cameras around the world.”

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